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[Blog] Pursuing a Purposeful Career in Human Services

A Career in Human Services

When people think about human services, “helping” is usually the first thing that comes to mind. People pursue a career in human services for a variety of reasons. However, the ability to make an impact seems to rise to the top of the list. The impact you make in human services will likely spread to families, social groups, and entire communities. While a career in human services means you will be helping in areas like mental health services, community housing, child welfare, etc., there are a variety of other reasons to consider this career pathway.

Is Human Services Right For You?

Entering a career that allows you to improve people’s lives and help them achieve goals will ultimately have a profound effect on your own life. A purposeful career is a fulfilling career. You are able to see the tangible result of your actions.

If you have a gift for training and managing others, human service or social-service related careers may be a fit. Organizations in those fields do an excellent job of on-the-job training and providing clear career paths – heavily promoting from within. Leaders who are successful motivators, understanding of others, and rewarding of great performance will do well in the human services field.

Human services professions can be stressful, but they can also be the perfect place for effective problem solvers. If you enjoy approaching difficult situations and overcoming obstacles, the rewards of a career in human services will be vast! Every day will be entirely different from the next – full of constant learning and the opportunity to gain new skills.

Among the most appealing attributes of a career in human services is the stability and the growth of jobs in the sector. For instance, social work positions have experienced an incredible rise over the last decade, and the job growth doesn’t seem to be slowing. Additionally, since the pandemic, more human services and social services organizations have embraced flexible work, with more opportunities for teleservices, remote arrangements, and hybrid work options.

In Closing

Purpose, stability, opportunity . . . there are many advantages to the human services sector. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us!

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