We Recruit for

Public Education
Human Services
Small Businesses

What We Do

We do direct placement recruiting for schools, nonprofits, and small businesses nationwide.
(No temps!!!)

We offer unique and cost-effective services to source specialized and entry-level candidates.

We use advanced talent acquisition techniques and can usually deliver candidates for you to interview within just a few days.

Our Purpose

Mission: To strengthen and support the organizations that deliver vital services within our communities through unique, innovative, and affordable recruiting and consulting services.

Vision:  Community organizations and small businesses cannot meet the needs of future generations if they remain chronically understaffed. In response, we create adaptive solutions for an evolving labor market. Our focus is on short-term initiatives designed to quickly deliver necessary talent where it is needed, thereby building resiliency in our client organizations, and within the system in general. Furthermore, we intend to guide new people into these “helping professions”, creating opportunities to find both success and a sense of purpose in challenging but rewarding careers.

Services and Pricing

Option 1

No-Risk Contingent Recruiting:

Fee = 15% of the candidate’s annualized wage.

You only pay if you choose to hire a candidate that we bring you.
Option 2

Guaranteed Results Retained Search:

Fee = 10% of the candidate’s annualized wage.

We guarantee results in exchange for exclusivity to fill the role.
Option 3

Interview Block of Three (3)

$2,500 flat rate

We bring you three qualified candidates to interview, and you hire as many as you like.
Option 4

Warm Lead Block of Six (6)

$1,200 flat rate

We source qualified candidates, verify their interest in the job, and hand them off to you.

  • All candidates will meet the requirements that you set.
  • Advanced candidate sourcing techniques from multiple platforms.
  • Sourcing completed from our private candidate databases and networks.
  • Initial Screening for essential job requirements and work history.
  • All communication and coordination with candidates before the interview.
  • Interview scheduling, to include directions and instructions for candidates.
  • Appointment reminders for the candidate.
  • Invoice is not sent until the candidate begins the first day of work.
  • Both options provide a 60-day guarantee with replacement service.
  • Additional 5% for roles that require advanced degrees, licenses, or certifications.
  • All candidates meet the requirements that you set.
  • Multiple interviews for one flat fee.
  • Allows for multiple hires from the block.
  • Interviews only count toward the target if the candidate attends. (No-shows do not count.)
  • The same sourcing, screening, scheduling, and candidate support as the Contingent and Retained options.
  • Multiple leads with qualified candidates for one flat fee.
  • Allows for multiple hires from the block.
  • Warm handoffs to your designated point of contact.
  • Same sourcing and screening as previous options.

Please understand that this is an extremely concise explanation of services. We are always happy to (and often do) offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation for your organization to better describe our services and processes.

Types Of Positions We Fill


Clinical Positions

Direct Care Positions



Skilled Trades

Professional Services