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A Case Study on Simultaneous Recruitment, Bringing a Small Community Housing Organization’s Vacancy Rates Close to Zero

Ascend Career Services was approached by a small Community Housing Agency facing a critical challenge in their recruitment process. The organization had outsourced their HR functions to an agency that lacked the capability to effectively fill various positions. Additionally, the Community Housing Agency had limited internal HR resources, leading to an urgent need for a reliable recruitment partner.

Problem: The existing outsourcing arrangement for HR services was proving inadequate, resulting in prolonged staff vacancies. The lack of in-house HR resources meant the Community Housing Agency struggled to manage the recruitment process efficiently. The critical positions left unfilled included Section 8 Housing Manager, Bi-lingual Case Worker, Maintenance Technician, and Administrative Assistant.

Solution: Ascend Career Services quickly identified the challenges faced by the Community Housing Agency and initiated a comprehensive recruitment strategy. We collaborated closely with the Executive Director, understanding the unique requirements of each position and tailoring our approach to address them effectively.

Key steps in the solution included:

  1. Immediate Action: Ascend Career Services commenced recruitment activities promptly upon receiving the mandate, understanding the time-sensitive nature of the vacancies.
  2. Direct Engagement with Executive Director: We established direct communication channels with the Executive Director to ensure a clear understanding of the organization’s culture, values, and specific job requirements. This streamlined the recruitment process and facilitated faster decision-making.
  3. Flexible Interview Scheduling: Recognizing the Executive Director’s time constraints, we scheduled in-person interviews at times convenient for her. This not only expedited the hiring process but also demonstrated our commitment to accommodating the client’s needs.
  4. Customized Approach: Given the diverse nature of the positions (Section 8 Housing Manager, Bi-lingual Case Worker, Maintenance Technician, Administrative Assistant), Ascend Career Services tailored recruitment strategies for each role. This involved leveraging industry networks, utilizing targeted advertising, and employing specialized screening processes.

Results: Ascend Career Services successfully filled the critical positions within the specified timeframes, bringing the Community Housing Agency’s staff vacancy rates close to zero. The positive outcomes included:

  1. Section 8 Housing Manager: A seasoned professional was recruited, bringing extensive experience in affordable housing management, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  2. Bi-lingual Case Worker: Ascend Career Services identified a candidate with fluency in multiple languages, enhancing the agency’s ability to serve a diverse community.
  3. Maintenance Technician: A skilled technician was appointed, contributing to the efficient maintenance of community housing facilities, minimizing downtime and improving overall property management.
  4. Administrative Assistant: The successful recruitment of an administrative professional added organizational support, ensuring seamless operations and improved efficiency.

Conclusion: Ascend Career Services demonstrated its capability to understand the unique needs of a small Community Housing Agency and swiftly address their recruitment challenges. By collaborating closely with the Executive Director and implementing a customized and flexible approach, we successfully brought the agency’s staff vacancy rates close to zero, ensuring they had the right talent in place to fulfill their mission effectively. Our commitment to excellence in recruitment positions Ascend Career Services as a reliable partner for organizations facing complex staffing challenges.

Ascend Career Services Transforms Paraprofessional Recruitment for Central Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit

Ascend Career Services Rescues Intermediate Unit from Paraprofessional Shortage, Delivering 15 Quality Hires

Client: An Intermediate Unit located in central Pennsylvania, catering to the unique needs of students across more than two dozen public school districts.

Problem: Faced with a critical shortage of paraprofessionals, the Intermediate Unit found itself in a precarious situation. The nationwide trend, as reported by Education Week in 2022, indicated that over 25% of paraprofessionals were contemplating leaving their positions within the next year.

Solution: Ascend Career Services took swift action, presenting a comprehensive recruitment strategy that delivered remarkable results. A total of 30 well-qualified candidates were identified and presented to the Intermediate Unit. Out of these, 18 candidates received job offers, and an impressive 15 accepted positions within the Unit.

To optimize the recruitment process, the Intermediate Unit invested in Interview Blocks from Ascend Career Services. This innovative approach ensured that candidates who showed up for interviews were genuinely interested and committed, minimizing the risk of ‘no shows’ and enhancing the overall quality of the selection pool.

Despite the challenge posed by a less competitive salary, Ascend Career Services strategically highlighted the exceptional medical benefits and outstanding tuition assistance associated with the paraprofessional roles. This approach not only attracted a diverse pool of applicants but also emphasized the long-term value of the positions beyond monetary compensation.

Result: The collaboration with Ascend Career Services resulted in a significant transformation for the Intermediate Unit. With 15 new hires, the Unit was able to overcome the paraprofessional shortage, achieving a well-staffed team ready to deliver specialized educational services.

Ascend Career Services not only met the immediate recruitment needs but also contributed to the creation of a positive and engaged workforce. The success of this partnership demonstrates Ascend Career Services’ ability to address critical staffing challenges, providing solutions that extend beyond numbers to positively impact the overall strength and resilience of an educational institution.

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