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How We Fulfill Our Promise

At Ascend Career Services, we redefine the art of recruitment with our direct-placement services that go beyond the traditional approach. With a wealth of professional experience collaborating with diverse organizations across the United States, we take pride in our commitment to understanding your unique needs and culture to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

Our Approach

  1. In-depth Job Market Assessment: We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the specific job market, identifying trends, and understanding the competitive landscape to tailor our approach to your organization’s needs.
  2. Attentive Listening for Custom Solutions: We listen carefully to your organization’s requirements, unraveling the unique aspects of your work culture and mission. This allows us to craft a candidate profile that aligns seamlessly with your values and goals.
  1. Strategic Job Positioning: Leveraging our industry knowledge, we assess the job title, create compelling job “selling points,” and develop a strategy to fill the role using multiple job boards and platforms. This ensures your job stands out, attracting the best talent in the market.
  1. AI-Supported Job Ad Writing: Our innovative approach includes AI-supported job ad writing, incorporating strategic keywords for SEO optimization, expanding the reach of your job openings to a broader audience.
  1. Active and Passive Candidate Sourcing: We employ a dual-pronged approach, sourcing both active and passive candidates, ensuring a pool of qualified individuals ready to contribute to your organization’s success.
  1. Responsive Communication: We understand the importance of timely responses. Our team is available evenings and weekends, ensuring applicants receive prompt feedback and maintaining a positive candidate experience throughout the process.
  1. Multi-Channel Communication: Communication is key. Whether candidates prefer email, text, phone calls, or messaging through job boards, we adapt to their preferences, ensuring seamless and effective interactions.
  1. Candidate Screening: Our screening process evaluates candidates not only for essential job requirements but also for their work history, ensuring a match that goes beyond just skills.
  1. Anti-Ghosting Strategies: We value transparency and engagement. Our anti-ghosting strategies ensure candidates are informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process, fostering trust and respect.
  1. Continuous Improvement: If your organization is striving to strengthen your hiring process by understanding the impressions and perspectives of those you seek to attract, our team can gather feedback from candidates to improve the overall candidate experience, providing recommendations for enhancements and ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement. 

Tech Stack

At Ascend Career Services, we leverage a robust recruitment technology stack to elevate your hiring process and connect you with top-tier talent. Our tech stack is carefully curated to ensure a seamless and effective recruitment journey, comparable to selecting the finest materials for constructing a building.

  1. Ascend Career Services Website and Jobs Board: Our journey begins with our dedicated website and jobs board. We believe in the power of engaging content, and we regularly post industry-specific podcasts and blogs to captivate the attention of the candidates you desire.
  2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): At the core of our tech stack lies our sophisticated ATS, a comprehensive database of candidates. This tool not only streamlines the recruitment process but also automatically posts your job openings to major national job boards, ensuring maximum visibility.
  3. AI for Ad Writing Assistance: Crafting compelling ads is an art, and our A1 tool excels in this domain. Starting with detailed candidate profiles, we tailor ads that resonate with specific qualities, attracting the right individuals to your organization.
  4. Posting to Multiple Boards: We understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the digital landscape. By strategically posting your job openings on multiple boards, we optimize your reach, making it easier for qualified candidates to find your opportunities.
  5. Indeed – Enterprise Account: Our partnership with Indeed goes beyond basic sourcing. With an enterprise account, you gain access to a dedicated Account Representative. Regular meetings, advice, and guidance on maximizing Indeed for sourcing purposes ensure a comprehensive approach to both active and passive candidate acquisition.
  6. LinkedIn: Boasting thousands of industry-specific connections, our LinkedIn strategy is unparalleled. We maintain an active presence, regularly posting content, and leveraging the platform’s capabilities to source high-caliber candidates for your organization.
  7. Handshake: Ascend Career Services is proud to be approved by over 300 colleges and universities across the United States. This partnership with Handshake allows us exclusive access to recruit their students and alumni, ensuring a diverse pool of qualified candidates.
  8. Social Media Engagement: Recognizing the power of social media in recruiting, we leverage platforms like Facebook and others to tap into the pool of passive candidates. Our strategic approach ensures your job openings reach a wider audience, including those who may not be actively searching but are open to new opportunities.

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