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[Podcast] Episode 5: Opportunities to Tackle the Teacher Shortage with Jared Shade, Upper Dauphin Area School District – Part 1


Recruiting Unlocked is joined by special guest, Jared Shade of Upper Dauphin Area School District. This episode is Part 1 of 2 total in the series with Jared. In this episode, we discuss the success story that is Upper Dauphin Area School District, who are currently experiencing minimal teacher/staff shortage. Pat, Paris, Taylor, and Jared discuss the opportunities that individuals with a bachelor’s degree have to make the career change into education during this crucial time.

Teacher Shortage

CBS News Pittsburgh discusses the teacher shortage in a 2022 article.
Thousands of teachers are needed, and not enough people are pursuing a career in the profession. The Pennsylvania Department of Education are hoping to solve the problem through diversity initiatives and professional development. However, if initiatives aren’t focused around attracting more professionals to the field of teaching, any other tactics are for naught.

Possible Solution

People with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field can start teaching immediately, which not many people understand. If you happen to have a math degree but no teacher certification, that’s ok. Most school districts will hire you based on your relevant education alone. If teaching ends up being the right path for you, many school districts will pay for you to get your teaching certification.

Starting as a substitute teacher might be the right path for someone who is looking to test out the teaching environment is a more “low stakes” way. Again, all you need is a bachelor’s degree. In some states, you only need a high school diploma to be a substitute. There are many avenues to exploring a career in education with a teaching certification.

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