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[Blog] Improving Your Recruiting Process in 2023

Consider Your Recruiting Process

The competition for talent in 2023 isn’t easy. Understandably, much of the focus on attracting talent lands on salary. Wage pressure is increasing, and inflation continues to add to the wage conversation. While a competitive salary is important, it’s not going to be enough to get someone to say “yes” to the job. Without a thoughtful recruiting process, salary may not matter much.

Recently, Forbes discussed the importance of a thoughtful recruiting process in one of its publications, “How Companies Can Create Thoughtful Recruiting Plans in 2023”. Forecasting new headcount and proactively recruiting for forecasted roles are important tasks. Focusing on long-term success instead of short-term gains is also discussed in the article. These are noble pursuits, but I understand that many companies aren’t set up to plan for the future.

Quick Wins

I encourage employers to concentrate on “quick wins”. Quick wins are simple and effective changes that make a big impact. Quick wins involve transparency, expanding your talent pool, frequent communication, and speed.

To start the process of making simple changes to your recruitment process, ask yourself these questions.

The Questions

  • Are you listing salary in your job postings?
  • Are your interviewers prepared to speak about the benefits package?
  • Are you considering candidates who don’t fit the typical mold for the role but could be trained?
  • Are you asking your current employees for referrals?
  • Are you using multiple forms of communication to reach candidates?
  • Are you reaching out to qualified candidates within 72 hours of application?
  • Are you providing an interview timeline to qualified candidates?
  • Are you contacting candidates regularly during their interview process?
  • Does your full interview process take 14 days or less?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, it’s time to review your recruiting process. You should make the necessary improvements to recruit and hire efficiently.

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