[Blog] A Paraprofessional’s Importance in the Classroom

Much attention has been paid to the current Teacher shortage. Rightfully so. Having quality Teachers in the classroom is critical to maintaining high educational standards and healthy communities. Another role that is vital to creating a positive and productive classroom experience is that of a Paraprofessional. People in Paraprofessional roles also receive a hands-on introduction […]

[Blog] Pursuing a Purposeful Career in Human Services

When people think about human services, “helping” is usually the first thing that comes to mind. People pursue a career in human services for a variety of reasons, but the ability to make an impact seems to rise to the top of the list. Not only does a career in this field benefit individuals, the […]

[Blog] Employment Stability in Human Services and Education

It’s a time of considerable economic uncertainty. If you spend any time on LinkedIn, you’ve probably seen an increase in posts announcing layoffs. I know I certainly have. The personal experiences we see on LinkedIn combined with the seemingly ever present fears of recession can cause anxiety. According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, people with […]

[Blog] Developing Your Human Services Staffing Plan

It’s a common scenario: you want to be strategic about your staffing plans, but you don’t know where to start. The foundation of a great staffing plan is built on asking the right questions. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Setting goals helps to establish your desired future state. Do you […]

[Blog] Improving Your Recruiting Process in 2023

With 10.3 million open jobs and about half as many job seekers on the market, the competition for talent in 2023 isn’t getting any easier. Much of the focus on attracting talent has landed on salary. Wage pressure is increasing, and inflation continues to add to the wage conversation. However, while a competitive salary is […]