[Blog] Back to School: Educators Still In High Demand

Measures are being taken to combat the continued teacher shortage, or, at the very least, get qualified teachers into the classroom faster. New certified teachers are at an all-time low in PA. However, for those that do meet certification requirements, the PA Department of Education is taking quicker action to supply those certificates. Level I […]

A Career as a Paraprofessional

The title “Paraprofessional” in our educational system can become a bit confusing when you consider the amount of jobs that fall under that umbrella. Depending on the school, Paraprofessional may refer to a Teaching Assistant, Teacher’s Aide, Personal Care Assistant, etc. While Paraprofessional roles do not typically require a bachelor’s degree, some school districts may […]

[Blog] Attracting Gen Z to Teaching

Teacher shortages have been widespread since the pandemic – an easily determinable turning point in education. However, dwindling graduates with education degrees pointed to a shortage long before the pandemic delivered a devastating blow. The numbers are staggering. According to Pew Research Center, education degrees accounted for about 4% of the total number of degrees […]

[Podcast] Predictive Analytics in Human Services with Mark Mortimer and Shawn Peck

Recruiting Unlocked is joined by special guests Mark Mortimer, President and Chief Operating Offer of Adelphoi Village and Shawn Peck, Vice President of Adelphoi Innovative Solutions. Mark and Shawn join us to discuss FirstMatch. FirstMatch is a software platform developed by Adelphoi Innovative Solutions (AIS), a cutting edge, solution-focused company that has served as a […]

[Blog] Ascend’s 2023 Recruiting Successes . . . So Far!

We’re proud of the great work we’ve done so far in 2023, which has included solidly planting our feet in education and filling some difficult and niche roles. One of our most successful client relationships has been with the Franklin County Housing Authority (FCHA), located in Chambersburg, PA. We started working with FCHA last year […]