[Blog] The Sustainability of Human Services

For several years, human services organizations have competed for labor with the supply chain and warehousing industry, which was booming as a result of the pandemic. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that industrial property construction has fallen significantly, along with warehouse employment. Obviously, the warehousing industry isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but it […]

[Blog] The State of Non-Profit Employment

The National Council of Nonprofits has released its 2023 Nonprofit Workforce Survey Results. Here are some of the key points. Job Vacancies Persist 75% of responding organizations reported job vacancies. 52% of organizations have more vacancies than they did before COVID. 28% of organizations have seen an increase to their waitlist for services. Vacancies have […]

[Blog] The Great Resignation is Over

The Great Resignation is seemingly over. Is that a good thing? Quit rates, which are back to pre-pandemic levels, could be affected by people’s lack of confidence in the job market; however, concerns over the job market may be unfounded. Job openings rebounded in August, and the labor market does not seem to be cooling […]

[Blog] Back to School: Educators Still In High Demand

Measures are being taken to combat the continued teacher shortage, or, at the very least, get qualified teachers into the classroom faster. New certified teachers are at an all-time low in PA. However, for those that do meet certification requirements, the PA Department of Education is taking quicker action to supply those certificates. Level I […]

A Career as a Paraprofessional

The title “Paraprofessional” in our educational system can become a bit confusing when you consider the amount of jobs that fall under that umbrella. Depending on the school, Paraprofessional may refer to a Teaching Assistant, Teacher’s Aide, Personal Care Assistant, etc. While Paraprofessional roles do not typically require a bachelor’s degree, some school districts may […]