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[Podcast] Predictive Analytics in Human Services with Mark Mortimer and Shawn Peck


Recruiting Unlocked is joined by special guests Mark Mortimer, President and Chief Operating Offer of Adelphoi Village and Shawn Peck, Vice President of Adelphoi Innovative Solutions. Mark and Shawn join us to discuss FirstMatch. FirstMatch is a software platform developed by Adelphoi Innovative Solutions (AIS), a cutting edge, solution-focused company that has served as a leading provider of services for at-risk youth and families in Pennsylvania for the past 50 years. FirstMatch leverages data to predict the most appropriate match between youth and program, resulting in the best likelihood of success for that child post-discharge, while also offering users a broad-based admissions tracking and management tool.

Predictive Analytics Defined

Harvard defines predictive analytics as
“the use of data to predict future trends and events. It uses historical data to forecast potential scenarios that can help drive strategic decisions.”

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